vision for baltimore

The mission of this initiative is to ensure that every Baltimore City Public School

student who needs eyeglasses will receive them. Because to learn, students must see

both their books, papers and devices. Our unique partnership brings vision

screenings to all Baltimore City Schools and provides eyeglasses to students needing

vision correction.

The need

We estimate that of the more than

60,000 Pre-K through 8th-grade

students served by Baltimore City

Public Schools (BCPSS), 15,000

may need glasses – but significant

barriers prevent many from getting

them. Many children and parents

may not even be aware that glasses

are needed.

the solution

Vision for Baltimore provides

screenings, vision exams and eyeglasses

(with great styles), right at the school

for all students in Pre-K through 8th



An amazing team came together in 2016 to ensure that the foundational need

for good vision for learning is met for all students. Vision for Baltimore is a

partnership among Baltimore City Public Schools, The Baltimore City Health

Department, Johns Hopkins University, Vision To Learn, and Warby Parker

offering school-based vision services to students across Baltimore.



This is how Vision for Baltimore is making a difference….

“Schools can only be successful when they leverage great resources and opportunities for their communities. There can be no doubt that Vision for Baltimore has been an exemplary partner and has been relentless in their effort to positively impact our children in need! Thank you so much Vision for Baltimore!”

– Mr. Christian Licier

Principal- Bay Brook Elementary/Middle School


Eyeglasses For Kids Boost Academic Performance, Study Finds

Effect of a Randomized Interventional School-Based Vision Program on Academic Performance of Students in Grades 3 to 7 A Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial

formS you need

The following documents are required in order to participate in Vision for

Baltimore. Please download the requested forms. Once completed, please

submit them to your school leader.

text here

Vision Consent Form (English)

Vision Consent Form (Spanish)

Adult Media Consent Form

Child Media Consent Form

Adult Media Consent Form (Spanish)

Child Media Consent Form (Spanish)

Lost or broken glasses? No

problem. We're here to help.

Click the button below to

begin the process of getting

your replacement pair of

glasses. If the glasses are

damaged or lost within one

year of the dispensing date,

they can be replaced or

repaired at no charge.

Students screened

baltimore schools

eyeglasses distributed


Contact Us

Telephone: 410-616-2344



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